Youth Empowerment Learning Center (YELC)/Teen Zone

Welcome to YELC/Teen Zone

Copy of # 126Teen Zone serves youth ages 10-18 and offers daily homework assistance, small group tutoring in reading, math, FSA, ACT/SAT PREP, teen council/leadership development; and organized instructional programs for physical activities such as dance, yoga, and martial arts; academic and arts programs such as science, crafts, and theater. It also offers opportunities for unstructured activities such as game playing, socializing, club meetings, and outdoor play.


While unstructured activities are an essential part of a Teen Zone Center, the center is staffed facilities and control and supervision are critical elements. These elements impact facility design as do considerations for youth-friendly and youth-appealing design. Safety is also of paramount importance.

FTC partners with Planned Parenthood and other local organizations  on many opportunities such as the Teen Outreach Program (TOP) is designed to engage students via structured discussions, group exercises, role plays, guest speakers, and informational presentations.

IMG_7256Discussions and activities focused on maximizing learning from the service experiences and on helping teens cope with important developmental tasks – including understanding self and personal values, life skills, dealing with family stress, human growth and development, and issues related to social and emotional transitions from adolescence to adulthood.

The Gang Resistance Education And Training (G.R.E.A.T.) offers a continuum of components for students and their families that focus on providing life skills to students to help them avoid using delinquent behavior and violence to solve problems. These components include a 13-lesson middle school curriculum, a 6-lesson elementary school curriculum, a summer program, and families training.


Make the grade and you get rewarded!

IMG_7298Adopt a child for $250 per year to provide incentives in the form of gift cards to assist with, bus pass, school uniforms & supplies.

Contribute toward the FTC Scholarship Fund. Let’s send our youth to college.

It takes all of us to support our future doctors, lawyers, teachers, nurses, artists, singers and on…

We want to say thank you to the Palm Beach County Cultural Council (PBCCC) for providing funds to support our Multicultural Arts Program (MAP). Pierre Clerger just graduated from Dreyfoos School of the Arts because of this program.

So what can you do to better prepare for college coursework?

Start here…

  1. No time to slack your high school years. This is the beginning of your career and life.
  2. Take your homework seriously
  3. Ask your teachers for help if needed
  4. Ask your guidance counselor about dual enrollment
  5. Join the YEP/Teen Zone for homework help
  6. Read as much as you can…………
  7. Think critically because there is more than one way to skin a cat.
  8. Start the college discussion earlier on with your parents.
  9. Take the PSAT, ACT online to see where you need to work more on.
  10. Contact your local colleges for possible resources
  11. Investing in us is a wise investment. Thank you to all of our sponsors.